Link building is the most challenging part of SEO and consumes the most time. There are many ways you can build links, it just depends on the type of business you have.

Link building is an art, having the right link building strategy can transform your overall SEO efforts. Search engines use links in the following ways to discover new pages and to help determine how well a page should rank in Google search results.

Link building can benefit your business in the following ways:

  • Building relationships
  • Sending referral traffic
  • Brand building

What we do is find the best linking building strategy to suit your business, we then create goals for your business and make sure we crush them.

Our link building strategy consists of various methods and techniques:

  • Get your customers to link to you
  • Building a company blog; make it a valuable, informative, and entertaining resource
  • Create content that inspires viral sharing and natural linking
  • Be newsworthy
  • An aside on buying links
  • “Natural” Editorial Links
  • Links that are given naturally by sites and pages that want to link to your content or company. These links require no specific action from the SEO, other than the creation of worthy material (great content) and the ability to create awareness about it.

Manual “Outreach” Link Building

The SEO creates these links by emailing bloggers for links, submitting sites to directories, or paying for listings of any kind. The SEO often creates a value proposition by explaining to the link target why creating the link is in their best interest. Examples include, filling out forms for submissions to a website award program or convincing a professor that your resource is worthy of inclusion on the public syllabus.

Self-Created, Non-Editorial

Hundreds of thousands of websites offer any visitor the opportunity to create links through guest book signings, forum signatures, blog comments, or user profiles. These links offer the lowest value, but can, in the aggregate, still have an impact for some sites. In general, search engines continue to devalue most of these types of links, and have been known to penalize sites that pursue these links aggressively. Today, these types of links are often considered “spammy” and should be pursued with caution.

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