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Questions your Law Firm should answer


In a competitive market, branding is as important for a Law firm as it is for a business. Law firms that find interesting ways to communicate what it is that makes them exceptional to Potential clients will perform better than their competitors when seeking to attract new clients. Of course, understanding what makes a Law firm special is only the start. Law firms also need to well-planned marketing and communications strategy.


Most Law firms focus on their website as their primary marketing tool, a website on its own is rarely enough. Law firms also need to think about how they will increase the visibility of their brand online to drive traffic to their websites.


Success here requires an integrated digital marketing strategy targeted at People looking for legal consulting and services Once you have an understanding of your audience, an effective integrated digital strategy will bring together the Law firm’s website with high-quality content, social media and SEO strategies to increase online visibility, raise awareness of a Law firm, and nurture a favourable reputation.

Social Media

Social media is an important part of a business’ online presence that improves its chances of generating additional revenue and building customer loyalty. It allows customers, potential customers and other interested parties to engage easily via a channel that plays an important role in their everyday lives.

Questions to meet Social Media Goal

What is Law firm hoping to achieve through social media marketing?

Who is Law firm target audience? Where would Law firm target audience hang out and how
would they use social media?

What message do you want to send to your audience with social media marketing?

Social Media Strategy

Increasing website traffic.
Building conversions.
Raising brand awareness.
Creating a brand identity and positive brand association.
Improving communication and interaction with key audiences.


In phase 1 we will be attracting specified strangers into becoming visitors to the website, you don’t want just anyone coming to your site. You want people who are most likely to become leads, and, ultimately, happy clients.



Digital marketing starts with content and a blog is the single best way to attract new visitors to any website. To get found by the right prospective customers, Ndamee will create educational content that speaks to Law firm patrons and answers their questions.


Successful inbound marketing strategies are all about remarkable content – and social media allows you to share that valuable information, engage with your prospects, and put a human face on your brand. Interaction on all the platforms where your ideal audience spends their time is pivotal. Ndamee will continuously create content that is current, fresh and engaging to attract consumers to you.


People begin their research process online, usually by searching to find something they have questions about. So, we as Ndamee ensure you’re showing up when and where they search. To do that, we increase Law firm presence with tools that help define and implement Law firm content strategy created by our hand in hand with your team.

The Most Important Marketing Strategy for 2019: Turn Your Law Firm’s Website Into a 24/7 Sales Rep

Where do people go when they need something? It used to be the Yellow Pages, but now 93 percent of consumers go online to find a local business. That means your law firm’s website is arguably your number one marketing asset. All things should begin and end with your website.

If you ignore everything else in the article, pay attention to this: you need a professional website, and your website’s design, functionality, and user experience need to be on par with the best websites your potential clients have ever visited—no ifs, ands, or buts. If your website doesn’t “WOW” users, it may as well not exist.

To accomplish this, your website needs to be five things:
• Fast
• Mobile-friendly
• Easily found
• Appealing
• Authoritative


Half of the online population (47 percent, to be exact) expects a website to load in 3 seconds or under. If it doesn’t, the user will click the “back” button.

You can’t afford to make this mistake. The legal field is an I-need-it-now field—and we all know there’s no shortage of lawyers—so you need to take every step you can to keep the clicks you do get.

TO-DO: Go to Google’s PageSpeed Insights and test your site speed. If it’s in the red, send an email to your web team or send an email to us to fix it for you.


One key aspect of a successful website for attorneys? It’s mobile-friendly, meaning it’s optimized for smartphones. Why? Take a look at the graph above. More than 63 percent of searches in the US now happen on smartphones or tablets over desktop computers. Now, think back to a time where you’ve been on a bad mobile website. Either the buttons are too small to click, the text is too hard to read, or there’s god-knows-what happening with the design.

Chances are, you clicked the “back” button. I would have. I still do, every time.

Here’s the thing about websites. You don’t just order one from Amazon, open the box and put the batteries in. It’s built layer by layer of code, and there are a plethora of moving parts. Optimizing a website for mobile isn’t as easy as flipping a switch, so I’d recommend you call your webmaster TODAY and get started on the migration.

TO-DO: Test your website on your mobile phone. Do the contact buttons work? Are the photos sized correctly? Is the text large enough to read? Scrutinize it like you think a client would. If it’s not the most beautiful, easiest thing you’ve ever seen, have your web team work on it.


People are judgmental. But hey, you know that—you work in law (badum TSH). Once your website loads, users form an opinion about it in 0.5 seconds. In fact, 48 percent of people cited a website’s design as the number one factor in deciding the credibility of a business.

Because this happens subconsciously, all visual aspects of your web pages need to be tailored to psychologically encourage trust, authority, and friendliness. That goes for colors, shapes, photos, font of the text, calls-to-action—if it’s visual, it needs to have a purpose.

Not only should it appeal to a visitor’s subconscious, but your website also needs to have basic user experience (UX) in mind. User experience includes the entire interaction someone has with a website. This includes the pieces of content available, the colors, the layout, and how users are interacting with the company. People should leave your website feeling 100 percent satisfied.

TO-DO: Ask a family member or friend to look at your website through a mobile phone. See if they can navigate around on their own without prompts from you. If they can’t, chances are other consumers won’t be able to, either. Also, pay attention to their interest level. It’s extremely obvious when someone is bored. If they get bored after two seconds of looking at your site, you may need a redesign.



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