“Being on the same page as my clients and keeping them happy is my top priority”

Finding the right person to handle your brands online presence is a challenge. The fast-paced nature of the social media space means that companies now embrace the need for a social media manager to represent the organisation across social channels as the voice of the brand.

These experts provide organisations with the guidance needed to enhance their online presence.

This usually includes;

  • Developing strategies and campaigns
  • Supporting the development of brand identity
  • Reputation management
  • Creating and posting great content
  • Curating communication with the brands audience

From a position that was basically non-existent a decade ago to a much sought after role in the marketing space, social media management has become an integral part of every brand campaign. Nearly every organisation has recognised the benefit and awesome value of social media marketing.

But, what does a social media manager do?

I caught up with Nthabiseng Kgafela, a social media specialist and founder of Ninety5 Digital, to find out exactly the inner world of a social media manager.


  1. How do you usually start your day?

First thing I do when I wake up is go on social media, even set my alarm earlier so that I can browse all the channels to see what’s the latest news and what’s trending


  1. What’s the best way you come up with content?

Firstly I establish the relevant audience, who am I speaking to, what do they want to hear, how to they communicate. Secondly, I’m up to date with any content they’d like to share i.e. a content calendar is my best friend.


  1. How do you manage client’s platforms?

Organize my clients accounts sometimes even set up their accounts from scratch. I schedule posts in advance, meaning I plan my content, I don’t just post. I conduct a competitor analysis and audience research before and during projects. I make client collaboration and approval easier by communicating efficiently and effectively with my clients, being on the same page as my clients and keeping them happy is my top priority and setting clear goals for myself and for my clients


  1. What is success for you when managing a client’s accounts?

Seeing progress and results. I track performance of posts through analytics, when a post has good engagement, impressions, clicks/views and reach I feel like my job is done, most importantly when a client gets a return on investment from social media


  1. What has been your biggest social media hurdle, and why?

Not reaching a desired audience.  Some of the challenges I have experienced in the past include struggling to grow an organic reach, I now understand insights better so I try focus more on posts that have a high engagement and low reach as in most cases these are the type of posts that send out a better message and understanding of what is being communicated in the post. Insights and analytics have helped in targeting the relevant audience as well, unlike in the past, the right message is directed to the right people now.


  1. What is the best part of your day as a social media manager?

Every time I check performance and I see progress and growth


  1. How do you check and stay on top of the latest updates, innovations, and new platforms in social media?

I have subscribed to marketing related sites like BizCommunity, I follow accounts and blogs that share content about innovation, marketing trends, and anything else related to marketing. I do online courses as well just to challenge my mind.


  1. How do you get your clients to stand out in their industries?

I usually do a competitor analysis just to see what other brands are doing, what we can do different, and what we can offer that other brands don’t offer.


  1. How do you talk budget with the client?

Firstly it depends on the scale of the project/job required, the bigger the job the bigger the budget and secondly the duration of the project/job will determine how much money will be spent


  1. What is the most important thing a social media manager should be doing?

I actually have quite a few things. Keeping up with trends on social media, understanding your audience, understanding what your client wants, knowing when to post and when not to post, understanding social media algorithms as well as constantly checking performance so you can see what can be improved.


If you’re curious about what else goes into the life of a social media manager, comment below with your questions for Nthabiseng Kgafela to answer.

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